What’s My Age Again?

Thanks to Jason and Ben, for a fact that I’ve been over-looking was brought to my attention.  Jason said, “As someone who’s almost 30, I don’t take girls seriously who are younger than 26 or 27.  I just don’t."  Ben added, ”I’m 24 and I’m dating a 20 year old.  No, I don’t take it seriously, she’s 20!

Wow.  I never thought age would be such a huge factor in dating.  I’ve been dating 30-somethings for a while now and we know how that’s worked out (even with the ones who think I’m at least 25 upon first meeting).  Maybe this is why.  But seriously, WHY?  If I’m interesting (supposedly), mature, motivated, and can hold a conversation… what does my age matter?  Honestly, please comment if you have an explanation.  I would like to know.

Why don’t I date someone my age, you ask, because they’re generally binge drinkers, unemployed or uninteresting, and have barely graduated, mentally, from their college years – years that I never fully embraced.  Maybe that’s my problem.  Maybe all the internships and jobs made me take myself too seriously.  I understand that was a sweeping generalization, but until I meet someone who changes my mind, well…  Shit.  I guess I deserve any sweeping generalization that comes my way now.  I’m a walking contradiction right now because I’m so outrageously confused.

I think, until I am old enough to be taken seriously by the guys I want to date, I should stop dating altogether.  Otherwise, it’s just going to be one let-down after another.

I got a text from a friend last night, who’s a tad older, much wiser, and often gives advice about my guy problems: ”Oy!  Ok just calm down/relax… he sounds crazy!  I think you have to start figuring out how to better hone your “crazy” meter and be a bit less “trusting.” Sorry you’re having a crap time.  I’m sending you positive vibes! Xo.“

Comments are welcomed, especially from men!

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