After having planned to spend today as a final day of recuperation from my cold inside and on my couch, I changed my mind and showered, dressed and left my apartment.  My first stop was Macy’s at the Benefit counter.  I’d tried their powder once before and I was told it was better for the winter because it’s more hydrating as opposed to mineral-only powder.

Since I was fifteen, I’ve had a knack for getting people in department stores to do my make-up – even if I have no intention of buying any of it (though oftentimes I do).  My money that would be spent on designer clothes is spent on expensive make-up.

So I went to the Benefit table at Macy’s and told them I was interested in the powder.

I walked away with moisturizer, primer, powder, blush, lip liner (brown – EW!), lip stick, and lipgloss on my face.  Holy shit.  What did I end up buying?  The two things pictured above.  They cake so much stuff onto your face at department stores that it’s stifling to your, or at least MY skin.  I don’t see how putting that many things on your face is good for your skin.

I love make-up, but the amount of make-up I use every day could fit in a plastic sandwich bag.  I did, however, in honor of the warmer-ish weather, break away from my usual eye shadow combination of purples and grays, and onto gold/green/pink (which I received many compliments on from the women at Benefit).

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