Like I said yesterday, I’ve lived on the Upper West Side for almost two years.  Well, it took nearly two years but it happened last Sunday.  I finally got to try Isabella’s, on Columbus and 77th, when my family came in to celebrate my birthday (a bit early) with me.  There was a twenty five minute wait but it was well worth it.

I had the Grilled Skewered Chicken, which was Greek salad with a few skewers of chicken, fries, and Tzatziki dipping sauce.  It was great.  The strawberry butter that is served with the muffins is also to die for.  I also had a bite of the Caramelized Banana Stuffed French Toast, which was quite tasty.  

All entrees for brunch come with a choice of beverage (alcoholic ones included!).  Everyone at the table enjoyed their meals and prices were insanely reasonable for the quality of food that you’re getting, the service was good too.  If you’re on the Upper West Side and looking for brunch, you have to try Isabella’s.  

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