More “American Idiot” News – Old & New

So, I posted pictures from last week’s impromptu performance by Green Day after the Friday evening show of American Idiot.  Other sources to cover it were Playbill (they also covered opening night, as did Access Hollywood), New York Times, and the New York Press (beware, it’s negative).“

The cast will be performing "Wake Me Up When September Ends” on Regis & Kelly this Monday, April 26th to kick-off their “Broadway Week,” and on Thursday, April 29th, the cast will be performing “Holiday” on Letterman.  So set your TiVos!   

The LA Times blog did an interview with Stark Sands; and the New York Post did a short interview with Michael Esper (I think another news source also did an interview with Esper recently, but I can’t find it again!). 

Another event to be noted as per their Facebook page: On Tuesday, September 27th, the cast will be at Bloomingdales (59th and Lexington) to reveal their 10-window display and “the first 100 people will get an AI poster to be signed, the first 50 people will get an American Idiot t-shirt in addition, and ten lucky winners will be chosen at random to win tickets to the show." 

And if you search YouTube, you’ll find tons of videos of the performances they’ve been doing (even some that have been shot from onstage by the cast).

And of course, in addition to the minimally publicized Foxboro Hot Tub concert last Friday night, they’re playing tonight (Sunday) at 11pm at the Bowery Electric.  Line starts at 8pm, $20 cash at the door.  It’s going to be crazy!   

I think that’s all I can think of for now, let me know if I’ve missed anything.  


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