I saw Capitalism: A Love Story in theatres when it came out, but I watched it again today via Netflix.  It validates my disgust for Wall Street, the stock market, Goldman Sachs, the Bush Admin, and Ronald Regan, who aside from ignoring the initial AIDS crisis, it was his handy work that started this mess.  

I remember being totally against the Wall Street Bail Out when banks and companies were going to shit.  Capitalism is the right to succeed but it’s also the right to fail.  These companies made piss-poor decisions and they should’ve been held accountable.  I do understand the argument that if these huge companies fail, millions more people are out of work.  In regards to that argument, if these companies were to be helped out, pay cuts should’ve been issued to anyone making over $100k and CEOs should’ve been fired.  Hell, pay cuts should’ve been issued to anyone making over $50k.  Your job does not warrant making anything MORE than that.    Unless you’re curing diseases or a teacher, there’s absolutely no reason for you to be a multi-billionaire.  When someone cures HIV, that person can be awarded endless amounts of money because he or she will have helped millions of people.  

I don’t know how people actually go to work in the stock market, at banks, or at hedge funds.  Actually I do, they’re motivated by money.   It’s work that’s devoid of any real purpose or soul.  It’s boring as hell too.  I work around a lot of hedge funds and I can’t begin to wrap my head around why people would want to do it every day (aside from the obvious factor, money).  I know that there are people who work there as temps, and I’m not including them in this group of people.  

That concludes my rant.  I think.  If you haven’t seen this documentary, definitely put it on your Netflix que. Enjoy your Sundays 🙂  


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