Happy Gay Pride Day!  I opted out of going to the parade this year for the first time in many years because of the weather.  Even though I’m as straight as they come, I have a ton of gay friends (it comes with the territory – theatre) and have for most of my life.  My friend Nick said to me in an email earlier this week, “Do you have any plans for Pride?  I know you’re not gay, but you’re pretty close.”  I laughed, a lot.  

But even though I was not venturing downtown to support the community in person, I was going to bring the pride to midtown where I had brunch plans.  I bought this shirt a few weeks ago at American Apparel and I love it because it’s a pretty blatant way of telling the world that you walk past that you’re 100% liberal and gay-friendly.  I’ve worn it a few times since then and I’ve gotten a lot of weird looks and even a few people asking me flat out, “Legalize gay?! What’s that mean?!”  

Today was totally different though.  I got a thumbs up from a few guys sitting in the windows of a midtown Starbucks, a guy behind me on the line at Starbucks grabbed my arm and said “YES!”  And while exiting the 2 train, a girl yelled to me, “Love your shirt!”  

I did eventually make my way downtown but only for a hot second while the parade was winding down.  Pride Weekend is absolutely crazy and nuts, but it’s also filled with a lot of love for your fellow city-dweller, gay and straight, and that’s why I love it.  


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