This was the cast list for the Sunday night performance of In the Heights.  Matt, his friend, and I ventured out on the less-than-temperate night and upon seeing the cast list, assumed we were in for a wild ride and most likely a bumpy one.  

Well, we were wrong (fortunately!).  In the Heights, which opened in March 2008, has held up quite well over the last 2+ years.  Even without Lin Manuel Miranda, or his current replacement Corbin Bleu, the cast had tons of energy and kept it together 100%.  Everything flowed as smoothly as it had when I saw the show in April 2008.  

Courtney Reed, in for Marcy Harriell, was good as Vanessa but her voice (and more specifically her belt) was nowhere near as powerful as Harriell’s.  Janet Decal, Mandy Gonzalez’s replacement, had a great voice for the character of the conflicted Nina, but her acting, in my opinion, left a bit to be desired.  It wasn’t as dramatic as she should’ve been, I didn’t believe she was upset so I couldn’t empathize with her.  Gabrielle Ruiz, filling in this summer for Bianca Marroquin, was great; sassy and had a great voice.  Her comedic timing sufficed as well.  I still prefer Marroquin though.  

Overall, it was an satisfying night at the theatre and a great return to a show that’s quickly becoming a Broadway veteran.

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