It seems as though I’ve been spending a lot of time on the UES lately, and in keeping with that tradition tonight I tried the food at Southern Hospitality (@BBQNYC) on 77th and 2nd.  My friend Tom and I decided we had a craving for ribs (it’s the Fourth of July after all!) and he suggested Southern Hospitality.  I eat ribs once a year and it’s usually the Fourth of July.  I can barely justify it to myself, but BBQ chicken and BBQ tofu just doesn’t hold a candle to BBQ ribs.

I have a vague memory of walking into this establishment once late at night back when I was in college and immediately thinking, “what a sh*thole!” and being relieved when my friend said we should go somewhere else.  Needless to say, I didn’t have much hope for the food.

We sat outside which was quite nice and I’m extremely pleased to say that I thought the food was quite good (dare I even admit that I enjoyed it a bit more than the BBQ at Dinosaur BBQ?).  I had the half-ribs/half-chicken combo and only made it through the ribs before asking for the chicken to be packed up to-go.  

With the perfect seating, perfect weather, great company, and tasty food, this was a perfect way to end the 2nd day of the July Fourth weekend.  

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