Favorite Midtown Bars

As you can tell, I spend a lot of time in Midtown West.  Although it’s not the “cool” part of the city and it’s incredibly touristy, it’s where I often venture out for pre- or post-show libations with friends.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Latitude Bar & Grille: I have a history of coming here for parties and fundraisers.  I love the roof deck as well.  The lower levels can be fun too, but they often get alarmingly crowded and on the roof there’s breathing room.  It’s especially beautiful to be up there at sunset.  At night you can almost see the lights of Times Square from Eighth Avenue.  The prices are incredibly reasonable for midtown too.   8th Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets

Glasshouse Tavern:  I stumbled upon this gem of a bar while killing time before a performance of Spring Awakening in 2007 and returned a few times in 2010, a couple of months ago with my friend Brian before he caught a performance of Next to Normal.  I think it’s really moderately priced ($8-$10 for a glass of wine) and laid back.  You can sit at the bar and not be crowded or be rushed out.  I’ve yet to try the food, but I’ve heard it’s quite good.  49th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue.  

Celtic Pub:  I started frequenting this bar in 2005 with my friend Matt back when it was just Playwrights Tavern, and as of late, I find myself frequenting this spot again (still with Matt).  Known as an after-show hang out for stage hands and the like, this is your standard Irish pub with cheap drinks (averaging around $8/drink or so) and mediocre and tasty (but cheap) bar food.  Sports are always on the LCDs and it’s often packed at the bar and the tables, but if you wait around for ten minutes or so, you’ll be able to snag a seat and you won’t be banished to their upstairs seating area.  8th Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets.

Bar 41:  Located in the back of the ground floor of Hotel 41, this is a spot that is always crowded after work.  However, my fondest memories are pulled from the weekend of September 7th-8th, 2008 – closing weekend of the ground-breaking musical, Rent.  My best friend John decided on the 7th that we were, in fact, going to get a room at Hotel 41 and party it up and party it up we did.  The bartender after the show on the 7th was amazingly kind and let us sit at the bar as long as we wanted while we noshed and boozed.  I’ve been back to this bar a dozen times since and it never disappoints – though it has been crowded.  They have happy hour prices from 4-7pm and drinks range from $7-$13.  West 41st Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. 

Blockheads: I had to include this bar because many great college memories were had here. Tortilla chips are served to each table and margaritas are $3 and over-flowing with tequila (albeit cheap tequila, but that’s all you can really expect when you’re in college!).  Located in the middle of World Wide Plaza on a beautiful night with an exceptional breeze, this is the perfect summer spot.  I probably love it more in the fall though, when it’s a bit cooler.  The food isn’t bad either.  8th Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets.

Sardis:  After discovering how shockingly cheap a glass of Sauvignon Blanc was ($9) at Sardis and how classy I felt sipping wine up there, the upstairs bar at Sardis became an instant favorite of mine.  The bartenders are also incredibly sweet, and did I mention the bar food?  Not the food you can order from the menu (although Sardis is a famous restaurant, I’ve never much been impressed by the food there), but the complimentary food that’s placed on the bar for their Happy Hour clientele.  They put out cheese and crackers, nuts, and pretzels, this plus my $9 wine… well, you can’t beat that.  And you never know who you might run into here before or after a show!  

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