I don’t know if you’ve covered this already, but can you talk about how you got into Green Day?

No, I have never spoken about this actually!  Hm, let’s see.

I remember loving the song “Basketcase” when Dookie was released (I think was 8 or 9) but because of the content or a supposed “parental advisory” on the album, my parents wouldn’t let me get it.  (That was the one thing my parents were strict about when I was younger.)  But my best friend and her sister had the album so we often listened to it at their house.  I always loved every single they put out but some reason never picked up any of their albums post-Dookie.  

When “American Idiot” was released, I was a freshmen in college and a raging liberal (only the first part of that statement has changed) so I bought the album around the time it came out and wore the hell out of it in my stereo.  I was so pissed when I realized that they’d JUST performed weeks earlier at Irving Plaza (I was living on Union Square West at the time), but I digress.  I learned every word and I loved that it was a rock opera.  I tried to write a “book” to their lyrics too and I had every intention of sending it to the guys (Green Day) and being all, “Look at this!  Let’s stage it!”  But as we know now, spoken lines aren’t really necessary and while the premise of the book/plot that I’d started writing is similar to what it actually became, Michael Mayer did a much better job than I did!  My main character’s name was Jesse though, not Johnny, heh.

I happily bought “Bullet in a Bible” when that was released (I loved the title) and blasted that until “21st Century Breakdown” was released in 2009 and unfortunately I missed my chance (or 4 minutes) to get tickets to see GD at Bowery Ballroom or Webster Hall.  (I was still stubborn and refusing to go to large arenas, aka MSG, but I’ve suppressed that for next month in Jersey!)

I think that’s a pretty good summary of the early roots of my Green Day fandom.  Thanks for asking!

Got a question?  Ask it.  

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