Thai, Japanese, and Fusion; oh, my!

While living on the Upper West Side for a year and a half, I’ve developed a list of my favorite Japanese, Thai, and Asian-Fusion restaurants.  And surprise, surprise… They’re all stupidly cheap.  

Sura: I’ve written about Sura before, but I can’t enough about it.  They serve an $8 lunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays that includes three courses.  I usually go for the Oriental salad, Pad Thai, and green tea ice cream (although the custard is tasty, too).  This meal would cost close to $20 when it’s a week day, so if you’re in the neighborhood at the right time, stop in and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Broadway between 100th and 101st Street.  

Matsu:  I discovered this place after last years Webutante Ball with two native New Yorker’s that I met at the party.  I’ve been back several times since and it’s never disappointed.  Entrees are usually around $10 and the food is actually really good!  83rd Street and Columbus.

Ozen:  My favorite place for delivery.  I’ve only had the pad thai and chicken teriyaki from Ozen, and while the pad thai is amazing, the chicken teriyaki is awful.  It’s dry as sandpaper.  The pad thai is awesome but the portion they serve is enormous.  To give you an idea: I had a plate full last night, a plate full today for lunch, and then two of my co-workers also had full plates for lunch today.  If you only have $10 and you need to feed you and your three friends, this is the place for you.   

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