On Monday night I took Emily and Brad to see American Idiot.  We enjoyed a delicious meal at Film Center Cafe (I had my usual, the chopped salad) and then made our way to the theatre.  I had found out via Twitter that Michael Esper and Mary Faber would be out again, but I’d hope not too many others would be out as well.  Well, we lucked out and the other principles were in.

Long-story-short: They absolutely loved it.  Emily couldn’t stop talking about “the guy that played Will” and how hot he was.

My thoughts: Van Hughes was fine as Will.  He didn’t do anything different or exciting than Michael Esper though.  He has a good voice, and he tried his hardest to portray angsty-high-drunk-almost-hungover-and-raging.  I didn’t fully buy it though.  He also looks like he’s 15 in that role, which doesn’t work in his favor unfortunately.  All of this said, I realized that it didn’t matter.  I discovered that it doesn’t matter how Will is portrayed because his character doesn’t really matter.  Aside from Give Me Novocaine, he doesn’t do all that much.  That said, I’m also biased and I just prefer Michael Esper.

Afterward we went to The Glasshouse Tavern on 47th Street for dessert and drinks, and then to The House of Brews.  Around 11:15, I hugged Emily, and Brad, goodbye for the final time (they departed yesterday morning) and made my way home.  

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