I read this book two years ago so I didn’t remember specifics but I do remember that I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was very excited to see what they did with the film adaptation.  

It was nearly three hours long but it felt like it was maybe an hour-forty-five.   I think Julia Roberts did a fantastic job with the role and I thought the screen writers did a great job with writing a script that was true to the book – except for the end.  I don’t remember there being a dramatic refusal-of-boat-ride at the end and Liz pushing Felipe away right before she left.  Am I not remembering things correctly?  

The film made me want to re-read the book again, do more yoga than I already do, and start meditating.  It also made me kind of want to pick up everything and go away, or at least go on a weekend yoga retreat.  

This is definitely a feel-good movie, and certainly worth a viewing, especially for women.  

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