After Bachelorette opened a couple of weeks ago at Second Stage, the run sold out in a matter of hours, maybe a day at the most.  Then they extended it and the extension sold out as well.  Because Matt is awesome, he suggested we buy tickets before the original run sold out, which we did and we went last Thursday to Second Stage’s uptown theatre to see Celia Keenan-Bolger, Katherine Waterston, and Eddie Kaye Thomas star in this Mean Girls-esque piece.  

Trace Chimo plays Regan, the maid of honor and reigning bitch, who invites Katie (Keenan-Bolger) and Gena (Waterston), former friends of Becky (Carmen M. Herlihy), the bride, and whom Becky specifically requested Regan not invite because of the scenes they always cause together (with pot, coke, booze, pills, etc).  The play takes place in the four-star ritzy hotel suite that eventually gets trashed by Katie and Gena (they even go as far to accidentally, kind of, rip Becky’s wedding dress).  

Eddie Kaye Thomas and Fran Kan play Jeff and Joe, respectively, who Gena and Katie bring back to their room mid-way through the night.  Conversation gets deeper with Joe and Katie than any audience member can see coming and he takes her to the hospital later that night when she more-than-blacksout.  Regan is exposed as a pill-popper by the end of the night and Becky uninvites her to the wedding.

I’m not exactly sure what the deeper message is here, but as evident by the reviews and ticket sales, a lot of people are getting it and enjoying it.  I enjoyed the cast the most, all of whom are incredibly talented and able to deliver a biting script with ease.  

Bachelorette plays through August 28th at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre on 76th and Broadway.  Click here for more information.

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