George Keeley’s, you’re doing it wrong.

Last week I met up with my best friend, Jess, and her sister, Dina, for an early dinner.  Jess was craving beer and ample amounts, so when I discovered that Fred’s wasn’t opened until 5pm, we walked a few blocks to George Keeley’s

I’d only been to George Keeley’s once before and it was on a Friday night, so food wasn’t really the main event.  I remembered that they did one thing well: wings. 

I convinced the girls to get wings and they were happy I did because they were very, very good.  I wish I could say the same for my quesadilla but I cannot.  It was gross, and the portion size was disgustingly big.  I didn’t try any of my friend’s dishes, but they didn’t look too appetizing either.

In conclusion: If you’re looking for good (or decent) bar food, George Keeley’s is not the spot.  I’d recommend going up to what I’ve lovingly dubbed Dochebag Row (both Brother Jimmy’s and Jake’s Dilemma are on that block) and pop in to grab a bite at The Dead Poet, where the food is much tastier and though the crowd does get a little ridiculous and kind-of douchebaggy, it’s a much nicer atmosphere than most of the bars you’ll find in that area. 

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