Scream 4.  I’m so excited.  I’ll admit that I was a little (a lot) skeptical when I heard this was being made, but after seeing the trailer, I’m stoked.  I remember when the original came out – I was ten and didn’t go see it in theatres, but my best friend, her older sister, and I rented it a year later (remember when it took a YEAR for a movie to be released on VHS?) and watched it in their living room, in the dark.  By the end of Drew Barrymore’s death, we were on sitting on top of one another and decided it was a good idea to turn the lights on.  I don’t remember when I saw Scream 2, but I liked it, and when Scream 3 came out, I was there opening weekend.  Of course, I was still underage to get into a Rated R movie, so my parents bought us the tickets.  Though we also had to have an adult walk in with us, though we didn’t know that, so we lucked out when the theatre employee asked the adult-ish looking people behind us if we were with them (we were not), they were apparently awesome so they said yes.

I saw Scream 3 in the theatres 3 times – I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen a movie in the movie theatre.  I eventually owned all three on VHS, and then bought the DVD box set when it was released.  I’m finally legal to see a Rated R movie and Scream 4 comes out the day after my birthday, so my birthday plans are set!  Screw the bar!    I just hope that there isn’t a shitload of gore like in modern-day horror movies.  I can’t stand that stuff. 

I have tickets to a talk-back at the New York Times building next week to listen to Wes Craven talk about horror movies just in time for Halloween.  I hope he discusses this a little bit!

Who else is excited?

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