Arthur Kopit’s critically acclaimed play Wings opened last night at Second Stage Theatre in midtown Manhattan and starring is one of the finest actresses that New York has seen in a decade, Jan Maxwell.  

Wings is essentially a one-woman show about a woman (Maxwell) who suffers from a stroke and then has to recover.  We are made to feel her discomfort as she is unable to communicate with the people around her and we feel her joy as she is beginning a slow path on the journey to recovery as she hopes to one day gain her wings back and be able to once again dance on the wings of airplanes.  

I found the script to be thoroughly interesting and different from anything else I’ve ever seen.  Maxwell is surrounded by a cast of six other actors who play doctors, nurses, patients, and her therapist.  Maxwell shows off her finely tuned acting skills as one would expect an actress to do during what is mostly a 70-minute monologue.  

Maxwell is a truly versatile artist and even if the content of the script isn’t your cup of tea, it’s worth an evening on 43rd Street.  

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