I’ve professed my adoration of Adam Rapp’s work many times and I will continue to do as long as he keeps writing plays that leave me speechless like last night’s Ghosts in the Cottonwoods, produced by The Amoralists at Theatre 80 on St. Mark’s Place.

Ghosts in the Cottonwoods takes place in a run-down cabin in the south.  Bean Scully (Sarah Lemp) lives in the one-room hovel with her 18 year old son Pointer (Nick Lawson), and on this stormy night, they are awaiting the arrival of Jeff (James Kautz), the older son who has recently escaped after 6 years in prison.  After a few unexpected arrivals, their night does not go as originally planned.

There was violence, blood, rape, and implied incest.  Just your typical Adam Rapp play.

Direction by Rapp was spot on, and the cast (also with William Apps, Mandy Nicole Moore, and Matthew Pileci in addition to those mentioned above) played these intense and difficult roles with ease.  Moore could have quite the career if she followed in the footsteps of Zoe Kazan, as that was who she reminded us of.  

Ghosts in the Cottonwood is not to be missed for fans of Rapp.  It plays at Theatre 80 through December 6th.  

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