New Musical ‘Lysistrata Jones’ is Headed to the Gym

I’ve discussed this adaptation a few times with my friends, and I think it will be the play to see in the Spring.  It seems that the spring is going to be A Battle of the Cheerleader Musicals, with Bring It On getting produced on Broadway in addition to this modern adaptation of Lysistrata called Lysistrata Jones, in which cheerleaders withhold sex from the basketball team until they start winning.  

Douglas Carter Beane has adapted the play and is sure to impress with such credits under his belt as the hilarious The Little Dog Laughed (one of my favorite plays that season) as well as the book for Xanadu

The twist is that The Transport Group, which is known for producing plays in unique spaces, is producing Lysistrata Jones on the gym/basketball court of Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village.  

Bring It On is scheduled to begin it’s out of town try-out in Atlanta next month.  Lysistrata Jones begins performances in Greenwich Village in May.  I’ll definitely be buying tickets when they go on sale.  

New Musical ‘Lysistrata Jones’ is Headed to the Gym


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