Spider-man Updates:

So according to a friend who was there, the first act is exactly the same.  In the second act, when Spiderman is defeating the Sinister Six, there’s a bit more flying but nothing outrageous. 

At the end of the show, when Arachne confronts Peter, she has captured MJ and has her hanging in a spiderweb, which apparently has a lot of technical problems and took forever to make it onto the stage.  Now instead of Peter just talking to Arachne, Peter is fighting Arachne while crawling around the web.  It’s apparently really awkward to watch.  They sort of float around on it and choke each other until Peter tells Arachne that he’ll be with her if she lets MJ go.  Arachne responds that she doesn’t want Peter anymore because he’s still human, and she lets them both go.  She then asks Peter to kill her so she can finally be at peace.  Then she flies up into the ‘sky’ on the same rope that she came down on in the beginning of the first act.

Way to make your Act 2 problems worse, Julie. 

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