I saw Lombardi a few weeks ago not because I like football (I don’t) but because I heard the performances were fantastic (and they are) by Dan Lauria and Judith Light in particular, who portray Vince Lombardi and his wife, Marie. 

I found the first half hour and last half hour to be extremely interesting, while the middle was confusing and probably because I had no idea about the players that were onstage and their history with Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers.

Dan Lauria gave a wonderful performance as the hot-headed, uneven tempered football coach, while Judith Light was the calm that supported the storm on his football championships. 

Keith Nobbs as reporter Michael McCormick effective and engaging, and Bill Dawes and Robert Christopher Riley, as Green Bay Packer’s players Paul Hornung and Dave Robinson respectively, were both energetic and entertaining.  

Any football fan would love Lombardi.  If it’s still open in June, it should definitely be Father’s Day gift. 

Something else that was neat: Paul Hornung himself was in the audience that day.  Of course I had no idea who he was until Bill Dawes (who portrayed Hornung in the show) announced it after the curtain call. 

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