At this performance the role of St. Jimmy (should) be played by…

I read the news today, oh boy…. So we’ve all heard by now that Justin Guarini, of American Idol fame, is going into American Idiot.  We don’t know which role yet, Will or St. Jimmy, but it will be announced in the next day or so I’ve been told. Justin Guarini is not a rock’and’roll or punk rock singer which is why the masses cringed at the thought.  He performed perfectly well in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown in the fall, but that production was dreadful so we had to look for little drops of light where we could (by “we” I mean the audience).  When I emailed my friend Tanya the initial link today, she wrote back, “I don’t even know who that is,” and I replied by telling her he was the runner-up in the first season of American Idol.  To which she replied with the most brilliant idea I’ve heard all year, “I would rather they put Kelly Clarkson in as another female St. Jimmy.

BINGO. That idea has WIN written all over it.  Kelly Clarkson would make a kick-ass powerhouse St. Jimmy.  She looks closer to the age of “Johnny” and can look REALLY good when she’s dressed up in black leather.  Did I mention she can SING?  She is probably the most talented person to ever come out of American Idol.  There’s the question of her acting ability but as we found out while Etheridge was in the role, the role of St. Jimmy is not a huge one.  You have some killer songs, lurk in the shadows, sing some more and the slink offstage.  As long as a performer can belt that material to the rafters, you’re probably going to win the audience over. 

From the POV of the producers, this would bring an almost completely untapped crowd to the show as well since Kelly Clarkson fans generally aren’t Green Day fans.  Anyone know what Ms. Clarkson is up to these days?  Is she recording a new album?  She’s not touring, and I haven’t heard she’s recording anything new.  I think she has some spare time to save American Idiot from the depressing lows of stunt casting. 

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