Missionary Men With Confidence in Sunshine (via NYT)

This is to all the doubters and deniers out there, the ones who say that heaven on Broadway does not exist, that it’s only some myth our ancestors dreamed up. I am here to report that a newborn, old-fashioned, pleasure-giving musical has arrived at the Eugene O’Neill Theater, the kind our grandparents told us left them walking on air if not on water. So hie thee hence, nonbelievers (and believers too), to “The Book of Mormon,” and feast upon its sweetness. – Ben Brantley

It’s opening statements like that which are the reason why Brantley is paid the big bucks and has a desk at the New York Times.  Every theatre geek has been waiting for the reviews for The Book of Mormon to be released since before it came to Broadway.  Well, here they are and they are raves.  I’ve been reading a few other publications here and there, and a few are negative, but those are from pretty inconsequential papers (what theatre fan actually turns to the Financial Times to read a review? Yeah.).  

I am happy to say that Brantley got the show.  One hundred and ten percent.  It’s a show with a huge heart, the kind of show your grandparents grew up with, only it has a dirty mouth.  Everyone else who gave it a positive review also got it.  Those who didn’t, like that of The Star, were upset that it wasn’t meaner towards to Mormon religion.

Someone pointed out that there has been almost no footage released from the show with regards to commercials or online advertisements, and no television performances either.  I think it’s a very smart move because oftentimes it’s best to go into a show with no expectations whatsoever and the team of The Book of Mormon are allowing you to do just that.  

Now go forth, and buy your tickets.  

Missionary Men With Confidence in Sunshine (via NYT)


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