On Sunday afternoon I stumbled onto the movie adaptation of Rent on Fox.  This was random because I haven’t watched the movie since 2006, and I don’t know of any network stations that would ever show it.  I watched though, of course, and got reacquainted with the score, despite the cuts made for the movie and made for TV (basically everything good was cut, which was kind of annoying).  

The movie is, in retrospect, horrifically cheesy and could possibly be described as bad, but I remember loving it the first time I saw it at the New York premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre.  It was probably because I was surrounded by the cast, crew, Jonathan Larson’s friends and family, and Rent alumni so the energy in the theatre was unparalleled.  

I saw it three more times in theatres (including twice the night it came out, yeah, yeah) with different friends and my family.  I was a sophomore in college, thus I had the time to go to the Bloomingdales appearance that the cast did, the soundtrack signing in Virgin, and probably a few other events too.  It was fun.  I kind of felt like I was fifteen again, except much cooler because now I lived in the city.  I bought it on DVD when it came out and watched it maybe around the time Rent was closing on Broadway in 2008, but not since then.  Watching it again today reminded me of the amazing score again and I’m now excited to see the off-Broadway “revival” on July 14th.  

I’m always a tad sentimental when it comes to this show.  It was a huge part of my adolescence.  Maybe one day I’ll reveal just how many times I saw it on Broadway.  Not yet though.  

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