Happy Birthday, Paul.

If it weren’t for a musicians status update on my Facebook this morning, I probably wouldn’t have remembered it was Paul McCartney’s 69th birthday today.  But I did and I ended up wandering down to Strawberry Fields twice, once before my guitar lesson and once after.  The Mayor [of Strawberry Fields] was giving a quick lecture on the history of Strawberry Fields to a group of tourists my first walk-thru.  It was really interesting to listen to (Yoko sold 4-6ksq feet of her apartment(s) in the Dakota recently!).  It hadn’t even crossed my mind that Strawberry Fields would be busy for McCartney’s birthday.  I usually only go for anniversaries relating to John Lennon.

I saw McCartney in concert at Citifield in 2009, and next month will mark my second concert of his, this time at Yankee Stadium.  I bought tickets last week for my dad for Father’s Day and they’re pretty good seats (Section 210 – for those of you who know Yankee Stadium).  Admittedly I was a John Lennon fan before I was a Beatles fan but I grew up listening [against my will] to the Beatles, thanks to my parents, but now I’m equally a fan of both (my favorite Beatle will always be John Lennon though).

Musicians were plentiful as is usually the case on any important date in Strawberry Fields.  The stuffed version of Lennon himself even came out for the occasion.  

Happy Birthday, Sir Paul.  See you next month.  


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