The last time I saw these three dudes onstage it was April 24th, 2011. Six months and three days later I will be seeing them again. At Webster Hall in the East Village. 

I lucked out and was able to buy two tickets. A friend had told me two days ago that his friend’s band had been bumped off the bill at Webster Hall on Thursday night and when she inquired as to why, the booker said, “I’m sorry, but it’s Green Day.” Until about 11:30am today, there was no mention at all of this concert in print or online. Anywhere. Well, of course, as these things usually go, 11:59am rolled around and the website basically crashes. I reload and discover I’m now on the “waiting list” to buy tickets and soon after I’m forwarded back to the site that says “SOLD OUT.”

Well, shit. I was disappointed, but as usual, I was persistent. I kept re-loading and after about a dozen reloads it asked me how many tickets I would like. I bought two and became a happy camper.

I’ve only seen them in a huge spaces before so I’m looking forward to this quite a lot. Is anyone else going?

Above photo is mine from April 24th, 2011.

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