Lesson learned: Trust your instincts.

A little over two weeks ago, I’d received quite a long message on OkCupid from a guy who was very attractive. I was impressed because he’d actually read my profile, it seemed. I had a busy two weeks ahead so we just messaged and texted through out the next weeks. 

Alarms started to go off in my head though the more we communicated. One night, while texting, he said he’d composed “some dope ass beats,” and his grammar, as well as knowledge of the difference between “your” and “you’re,” was proving to be less than stellar. A friend of mine encouraged me to stop being so judgmental and to still meet him and on Halloween we did just that.

We lived about three blocks (and a couple of avenues) from each other so we went to a bar in the neighborhood and had drinks. He was really cute, tall, and a genuinely nice guy with really good intentions. I really tried to like him, but it just wasn’t happening. He used the words “yo,” “dope,” and “bangin” a little too freely for my comfort. 

I don’t have a check-list of qualities that a guy I go out with has to have, but I do like a guy who I can easily converse with. Even though I tried to ignore some of the words coming out of his mouth… I couldn’t get comfortable with him.

Needless to say, I’m not seeing him again. I’m happy that I took a chance and met sometime new, but next time I’ll trust my instincts before I put myself through another awkward date.

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