Magic/Bird, the great love story in basketball about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, started previews recently and I saw it last Sunday and last Saturday (yes, there were straight male friends who needed to be taken). I really enjoyed it on Sunday night, so it was no burden to go back on Saturday.

Playing the title characters respectively are Kevin Daniels and Tug Coker. I will never know where they found such tall actors who could shoot baskets easily, but somehow, they did, and these guys were great.

The play started began in 1991, flashed back to 1979 (when both of them were in college), and worked it’s way back to the present. The ending was a lot smoother when I saw it on Saturday. On Sunday, it ended with a wrap-up of “where are they now” for the characters, which was mildly boring, while on Saturday, the play ended with their goodbyes at the airport after winning for America in the Olympics. It felt a lot more clean cut than the ending the prior weekend.

I can safely say that all of my straight guy friends with whom I watched this show thoroughly enjoyed it (“I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it!” is what they said), so Magic/Bird just might be the play to take your best guy friend/boyfriend/husband to see this season.

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