I’ve been very excited for this revival of Evita since it was announced many months ago. Evita is a fantastic score that I’ve been familiar with since the movie adaptation in the mid-90’s starring Madonna, although I’d never seen a stage production before. On a side note, I revisited the movie recently and discerned that Madonna was, in fact, awful in the role (a large part of the score was lowered for her). My friend Kristen and I ended up in side orchestra seats and we were both excited. Christina DeCicco, the Evita alternate, was on, but everyone else was present and accounted for, including Ricky Martin and Michael Cerveris.

The production is beautiful; the sets, costumes, and lighting are all perfect. The cast is talented through and through. The problem is the theatre. The Marquis Theatre is a hard theatre to fill, to get energy across. That was the only problem, the energy, or the lack thereof.  I’d hoped for a deafening “Requiem,” but it was rather tame. The sound barely reached the 6th row where we were sitting. The audience seemed unenthused and as a consequence, the company onstage seemed the same.

Rachel Potter, who portrayed Peron’s mistress, was a beautiful break to DeCicco’s powerhouse belt with her number “Another Suitcase in Another Hall.” She was demure and had an absolute beauty of a voice.  Cerveris portrayed a fine Peron, vocally and acting-wise. I wish they wouldn’t have put him in a wig though; it looked odd. Martin has a beautiful voice but he would probably benefit from a few acting classes.

I’d like to assume that it was an off night, both onstage and off, at the Marquis. This revival of Evita is beautiful sounding and looking. And definitely  worth a night in the theatre.


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