Leap of Faith Will Pull Down Its Broadway Tent on May 13

It’s not uncommon for a number of shows to post closing notices after the TONY Award nominations are announced.  Producers wait with their fingers crossed (if their show isn’t grossing healthy dollar amounts) and hope that their show will be honored with a nomination for Best Play/Musical. This nod can provide a bit of a boost initially and help keep it going until the actual awards in June.

If your show isn’t doing so well though? The slight boost that the nod could possibly provide might not be enough. Michael Riedel reported two weeks ago that the producers of Leap of Faith would need a minimum of $2 million to keep the show going through the beginning of June. Yes, Riedel is a gossip columnist, but he’s oftentimes correct on these things (even columnists have their sources) and from a producing perspective, that number doesn’t seem very far fetched. Thankfully the small chance of winning the TONY for Best Musical have not kept them from making, in my opinion, the right decision and they’ve decided to close this Sunday.

After being thoughtlessly snubbed by the nomination committee, Theresa Rebeck’s hysterical new play Seminar closed last Sunday, May 6th. I was really disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to see Jeff Goldblum in it. Perhaps it will tour? I think it’d be a hard sell on the road though. 

Last on the list thusfar is Magic/Bird. This play, unliked last season’s Lombardi, just couldn’t find it’s audience. Magic/Bird will shutter on May 12th after having been ignored for a nomination for Best Play. 

Those are the three on the list so far. Your guess is as good as mine for what’s on the Great White Way chopping block next.

Leap of Faith Will Pull Down Its Broadway Tent on May 13


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