It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Amoralists, an off-Broadway theatre company that I was first introduced to back in December 2010 with Adam Rapp’s Ghosts in the Cottonwoods. I’ve  seen four of their productions, each of which are unique and thought provoking. Their latest production, The Bad and The Better, is no different. 

For the first twenty minutes, we’re introduced to a number of characters in numerous settings and only when their connections are revealed could I truly start to appreciate the play. In an attempt to be commentary on stupidity in politics, the NYPD, anarchists, and protests such as Occupy Wall Street (there’s a ground which is similar to OWS, but not named as such), there’s a ton of action going on onstage. With plot twists abounding, it can oftentimes be confusing but it’s all wrapped up at the end so there are no lose ends (a lot of characters die, too). The name refers to the bad (the man, so-to-speak) and the better (the sometimes violent protesters). 

The cast is huge (26 people) and the set is an impressive mess of books, notebooks, a bar, and a desk. Amoralist’s alumni such as William Apps, Nick Lawson, and Sarah Lemp are impressive onstage as per usual. 

Sometimes confusing, always entertaining, and oftentimes brutal The Bad and The Better is an interesting and relevant piece. 


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