I adore Jim Parsons. When I was first made to watch The Big Bang Theory at my parent’s house, I immediately deemed his character my favorite. Parsons was also fantastic in his tiny role in The Normal Heart. He can actually act, and it’s always lovely to see live onstage so I was very much looking forward to seeing him in Harvey.

Harvey, based on the book of the same title, is about a sweet, caring, genuine 39 year old man named Elwood who happens to have an imaginary friend who’s a six foot tall white rabbit named Harvey. When his family is faced with the prospect of living with Elwood and Harvey together, or put him through therapy to make him “like everyone else,” they decide that being “like everyone else” isn’t a particularly good thing.

Tracee Chimo (Bachelorette) plays Elwood’s snotty sister convincingly, and Jessica Hecht (A View From the Bridge) is understanding and caring as Veta, Elwood’s mother. Parsons steals the show, of course, in his Sheldon-esque portrayal of Elwood. He is genuine and eager to explore the world around him with his friend.

Harvey plays through August 5th. Don’t miss your chance to see Jim Parsons in this heartwarming work. 

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