I heard that An Enemy of the People was very relevant, so I thought it might be a modern play. I obviously did no research on it before seeing it, so I was saddened when I figured out while sitting in the Samuel Friedman Theatre yesterday afternoon that it was a century+ old. But boy, oh boy, was I ever wrong. 

Ibsen’s play is incredibly relevant. An Enemy.. is about a town doctor, played by the incredible Boyd Gaines, in Norway who discovers the water source for his town’s spa (“baths” as they were called then) is poisoning the people and he goes about trying to get the mayor (and brother, played by Richard Thomas) to notify the public about the issue and correct it. Politics and money come into play, and the outcome is eerily similar to current events.

I was stunned by the parallels between now and then. It’s both comforting and disturbing to see that we as a society are still making the same mistakes that we were back in the 1800’s. 

Manhattan Theatre Club has a hit on their hands, and I hope it’s received that way when it’s reviewed. 


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