Have you heard? There’s a hurricane coming to the east coast. 

I went grocery shopping last Thursday so I was pretty good-to-go on most essentials, but I ran home yesterday after seeing a matinee of Don’t Go Gentle (review to come!) to make it to Whole Foods before they closed at 7pm (as per their Twitter), only to find at that they were trying to keep people out at 5:45pm. “You can come in, but don’t take a long time,” the person at the door informed us. Thanks, because we were planning on spending a few hours in Whole Foods before the 2012 Storm of the Century. This morning I went out to the still-open Associated across the street from me and bought more peppermint tea, chocolate, and a few candles.  I’m not too worried about the power going out as I was informed that my building has a generator and a full oil take to heat water should anything happen. My parent’s power went out on Long Island a few hours ago – oy! 

I have my main food groups covered: chocolate, peanut butter, nutella, bread (I even found Portuguese rolls – far left – which I haven’t been able to find in about ten years!), and some fruit. 

I’m thinking I should cook the rest of the chicken that I have in my fridge so I have it to eat if the power goes out. Any suggestions as to how I should prepare it?

I haven’t been as productive with this mandatory solitude as I could be, but I did straighten up my apartment, do laundry, and finish the book Show Biz (meh). Now I’m eating the Ben & Jerry’s pictured above and watching The Day After Tomorrow. Stay safe!

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