I went to a lot of benefits when I was in college. I mean A LOT. I saw a lot of shows, and ever more benefits. I don’t go to many, if any, anymore, so when my office offered to buy whoever wanted to go tickets to tonight’s Hurricane Sandy benefit at the Gershwin Theatre, I was excited. 

And then I saw Julia Murney was performing and I remembered back to 2005. It was the beginning of my rush of benefits, and she performed this song first at the Hurricane Katrina benefit (also at the Gershwin Theatre – though I didn’t attend that one) and later at a benefit (also for Katrina) at Joe’s Pub (which I did attend). She performed “Amazing the Things That Float” at both and the above MP3 is from her performance of the song at Joe’s Pub.

I tweeted at Ms. Murney earlier today when I remembered her and this song, and I almost immediately got this response. I tried not to get my hopes up too high, but I had a pretty good feeling she’d sing it.

And sing it she did. I got chills. And it was lovely.

The entire benefit was lovely, but especially this song. Now go and enjoy this song. 


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