I had two intense workouts last weekend.

On Saturday morning I went to my favorite 9am intermediate level vinyasa class with one of my favorite teachers. It was killer. She’s a killer. But I love it, and her. According to my Polar (above), I burned almost 500 calories. Whoa.

I woke up on Sunday with an ass that was so sore (from yoga the day before, perverts) that it was painful to sit. But with the weather being so lovely, I decided to run outside for the first time since right before the new year. I did a little over 5k and it was good. I was running way too fast – according to my time on the treadmill that I’ve been using, I’ve been running 11 minute miles (but treadmills suck, so screw it). I need to slow it down and see if I can run around the entire park once. I don’t want to do it and allow myself to stop – I feel like that’s cheating and not really running, stopping and going, that is.

Still being sore on Monday, I decided to skip my advanced yoga class and work late instead and tonight I decided to cook instead. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll make it back to my second-favorite yoga class. 

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