This is the playlist that I’ve been rocking out to lately. It’s inspired by (and mostly copied from) the 90’s playlist that my colleague and I rock out to on Spotify in the office. I think a majority of these songs are from the 90’s (admittedly: I alway skip past No Scrubs). They’re all from 10+ years ago at least. Which is nuts. And can we talk about The Offspring for a second? I loved them in junior high. Dexter is like 40 now. Oy. 

I love each and every one of these songs. There are few songs from the last ten years (save for almost anything Green Day has done) that I like as much. Why was music so much better in the 90’s? Now all we get are the All American Rejects, Nickleback, and Justin Bieber.

Well, I guess we can always rest soundly that Paul McCartney is still alive. There’s always that.


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