Sunday, per usual.

Yesterday started off lazily. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and it was nice out, so I went to run the loop in Central Park. I’ve never been able to accomplish this before, and I didn’t yesterday either, but I did about 5.4 miles so I was okay with that. I also did hurt my knee or ankle which have been kind of sore and/or hurting, so that was good.

I sat down on the grass to stretch and check my texts, and I saw this, text which turned into this conversation:

That was at 11am. After that I ran to TJ Maxx, where I sadly didn’t find any dresses I liked, so I went home, pulled something out of my closet, and proceeded to shower, do my hair, make-up, nails, feed myself, and make (by a hair, and I mean a hair – like I was buying my ticket as they announcing the doors were closing and I yelled to the conductor to stop – and he did!) a 1:45pm train out to Long Island. 

After a lovely hour and a half drive to Port Jeff (about two towns over from where I grew up), and listening to lots of unique music, we arrived at the venue. The wedding of two actors, of course, included singing. As part of their vows they sang a lovely acoustic version of Grow Old With You – from The Wedding Singer. The Rabbi was a woman, which I loved, and the ceremony was outside and very nice. 

There were toasts, and drinks, and food, and we headed out around 9:30 to head back to the city.

Typical Sunday, indeed. Two weddings in two weeks? No problem.

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