Be A Good Widow, at The Wild Project

Be a Good Widow was a cheeky melodrama about what happens to a mid-twenty-something after her husband of only a short time is killed in a plane crash.

Her weak relationship with her mother-in-law, who is also a widow, is put to the test and ultimately strengthened when she finally breaks down and lets her daughter-in-law in a little.

The script is equipped with dozens of quirky one-liners (thanks to playwright Bekah Brunstetter) that keep the audience focused and laughing.

The acting by the two men in the cast, Matt Bittner and Robbie Tann, were by far the strongest. Though I also enjoyed Chris Holliday as the mother-in-law and watching her character development.

The Wild Project is one of my favorite off-off spaces downtown and anytime I go there, I always enjoy myself. And Be A Good Widow was no different.

For more information about Be a Good Widow and The Wild Project, visit their website here

Full disclosure: Tickets were provided by DARR Publicity. Thank you! 🙂

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