2014: Day One

I saw this crown lying flattened in the street this morning. Someone had a good New Years Eve last night. And I did too! I went to my two and a half hour Kundalini yoga workshop (so cool, but incredibly different from your typical asana, should you be thinking of going) and then to Riposo 72 on West 72nd Street for dinner with one of my favorite friends. After a delicious meal and wine, we watched the ball drop (on TV – we’re no fools), and then we watched the fireworks outside over Central Park (I had no idea they set off fireworks over the partk!), and then I was in bed and asleep by 1am.

I started this morning off with errands and such, followed by a massage and a hatha yoga class with one of my first-ever yoga teachers. She told us to set our intention for 2014. I did, it was this: to be happy. I’m happy now, but it’s simply a reminder to always be grateful and happy.

After my yoga class, there were more errands and then dinner with two of my closest friends at The Meatball Shop on the UES. Now I’m home, touching up my nails, stretching, and watching Ted. Because I’m a goddamn adult. 

Happy new year!

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