Last Tuesday night I went to the National Yoga Month celebration at the Upper West Side location of Pure Yoga. I occasionally take a class at Pure Yoga but I’ve never become a member. They’re $50+ more per month than YogaWorks and for what? Hair dryers in the locker rooms? Nah.

I enjoyed a juice sample and some vegan food, a hand treatment, and the photo booth that they had set up. Taking photos in yoga poses was awkward, to say the least. I also learned how lopsided my tree pose is (above). Sometimes I think I have undiagnosed scoliosis, despite having been tested yearly in grade school.

I was almost totally taken this time though. The UWS location is really warm and inviting, and big. The teacher was awesome too. He put battery-operated candles around the room and turned the lights basically off for most of the class. It was really different.

Though I’m not a member yet, there’s a good chance that maybe I’ll pay $145/month when I have more money. Who knows. 

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