Cops Arrest Dozens of Bros After Pumpkin Festival Devolves into Mayhem

I would like to hashtag this non-riot as #whitepeoplerioting. My brother goes to Keene and wasn’t involved in this at all (as who gives a fuck about protesting a pumpkin festival?), but if I’d been there, I would totally have been taking photos from the sidelines. But that’s me

But can we all just admit that this wasn’t really a riot? This is a party that got out of hand. In a tiny town, as the article states, where partying is a large activity on campus. When you add 10,000 other people and college students into the mix? I’m not sure what they expected to happen. 

Also: There were maybe 40 cops there, with paint balls as ammunition, not bullets. If Keene wasn’t blindingly white, somebody would’ve been shot (probably many somebodies) and things would’ve been a lot worse. They would’ve had actual bullets in their guns for starters. 

But they weren’t. I watched many videos of the “action” online today and it was just drunk bros in the street, knocking over the occasional street sign, and yelling. Oh, and some really douchey douches flipped over a car or two (and that sucks, yes, but sports fans have done the same thing in the past). And they lit some trash on fire. They didn’t light a house or a person on fire. 

I believe that this is just an example of what happens when you don’t teach your 18-year-old off-to-college offspring how to drink socially and not to excess. This is what happens when you demonize alcohol and then send your kid to a school that’s pretty into partying (that’s probably all schools, though) where there’s not a whole lot to do.

You end up with a White People “Riot” over pumpkins. 

Cops Arrest Dozens of Bros After Pumpkin Festival Devolves into Mayhem


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