Off the Wagon

No, not that wagon. The Healthy Eating and Exercise Wagon.

Between ending one job, starting a new one, and moving, I only went to yoga about once a week and I’ve been eating lots of peanut butter, pizza, Greek yogurt, and falafel. Hence not eating well, or very healthfully. 

But that all changes this weekend. I’m going to make a bunch of quinoa with vegetables and curried chicken with basmati rice and have it for meals so the pizza-and-falafel binge can stop. 

I also expanded my YogaWorks membership to include the SoHo studio which is just four blocks from my office. I went to a 1pm class yesterday on my lunch break which was probably the greatest thing ever. I went to a class in my neighborhood tonight and I’ll go to another tomorrow on my lunch break again.

I also started recording my food on MyFitnessPal again today. Maybe seeing the calories add up in front of my face will also make me clean up my act a bit.

My clothes don’t fit any differently, I don’t think, but I just feel like shit. So, here goes, yoga and MFP: don’t fail me now!

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