Millions March NYC, December 13th, 2014

Yesterday was the Millions March in NYC. There were 45,000 RSVP’s on the Facebook page but you know how RSVP’s to events on Facebook usually go.

But they showed up. At least 30,000, if not closer to 40,000 showed up, to protest the unjust killings of unarmed civilians everywhere in the country. I met Ben down in Washington Square Park which was filled with thousands of people already and then we started marching near the front (the front being like, the first 300-ish people). We marched up Fifth Avenue to 14th street, up to 32nd Street, I believe, and then back down Broadway through Union Square, NYUville (the east village), through Soho and Chinatown, and finally to 1 Police Plaza. It was also the dreaded day of SantaCon. We were only in midtown briefly, and most of the Santa’s were supportive, some even gave up the crawl and marched, or ignored us all together. Along the way the police showed maximum restraint. I didn’t see one arrest. Thanks, De Blasio! 

Around 30th street, we stopped to use a restroom where I saw two drunk white Santa bros talking at a very calm black man about “how the police are just trying to help you” and how “could he protest against them.” The dude did nothing but listen, occasionally trying to get a word or two in. I got the last few seconds on camera here. I hope they fell off the Staten Island Ferry when they went home that night.

The pause in our marching took a good fifteen minutes as everywhere with bathrooms was packed (see, protests are good for the economy!) and I just watched swarms of people walk by. It was amazing to see. We quickly walked the ten or so blocks to catch up to the front after our break was done.

We made it down to 1 Police Plaza probably around 5:30pm. It was nuts. There was already a crowd of people there to greet us, lots of chanting, lots of news cameras, and, of course, lots of NYPD helicopters overhead (they were overhead the entire time – way to conserve gas, you idiots).

The march was supported by people on the sidewalks and up in windows. There was a woman in her window in the village who looked old enough to probably have been involved with the first Civil Rights Movement. She was clapping us along. It was really amazing to be apart of it. Hopefully it’s just the start. Photos below the cut!


The [peaceful] insanity in Washington Square Park before the storm. This is a very, very small corner of the park. 


The very beginning of the march heading up Fifth Avenue from Washington Square Park.


New School students showing support at their Graduate Faculty building on 14th and 5th. 


Turning the corner of 14th and 6th Avenue.




A favorite of mine. So. true. (In Madison Square Park)


I thought this dude was pretty awesome. (On 17th and Union Square West)


Support in SoHo.


The first few thousand at 1 Police Plaza with thousands more streaming in behind us.

It was a good day to try to restore democracy back to America.


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