What’s the only logical thing to do after you’ve done yoga in a nightclub? Meditate, obviously.

The night after Willkommen Deep House Yoga, I was super excited go to the BE Society meeting because it was uptown this week. Upper east, but still, UPtown. It was held at the Erata Gallery on 80th and Madison. Leading us in an extra special meditation was breath work and incense expert Mei Yann Hwang. She uses sight, sound, and smell to lead groups through deeper meditation experiences. She’s traveled the world and collected wood and other things to burn so we had scents from around the world burning around us.  

We all laid on the rugs in the gallery with eye masks on and let ourselves experience what it was we were going to experience. I know, eye masks sound weird, but it was really awesome, not being able to open your eyes any time you felt unsure of what was going on. 

The gathering went on later than usual, but it was totally worth it. 


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