Move aside, Helen Mirren.

I almost got to see The Audience, starring Dame Helen Mirren, tonight while surveying for The League, but instead we only watched the last half an hour after a very nice usher walked us in to stand us in the back. But that last half hour was fantastic and I’m going to pay (!) to go back and see the whole thing. But after the show I noticed the dog-handler walking the dogs (Corgis!) across the stage to the alley at the side of the theatre and I popped my head out and got to meet these guys – the true stars of The Audience. Duh.

Oh my goodness, they were so cute. See the one looking at the camera? Yeah, that one is sexy and he (she? her leash says Mimi!) knows it. 

Yeah, I’m going back for the Corgis. I’m sure Mirren will be great too, but…


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