I handled a survey for the Broadway League the Friday before last at Roundabout’s production of On Twentieth Century. I knew Kristen Chenoweth was in it, I’d heard vaguely that Peter Gallagher was in it, and then I learned Andy Karl was also in it. I also remembered Chenoweth staring in a concert production of this about 15 years ago. In the same role. I was a little skeptical.

A love story that takes place on a train from Chicago to NYC, a hack Broadway producer (Peter Gallagher) is trying to get his former love (Kristen Chenoweth) who’s now a huge movie star to do his next show so it’s a hit. She hates (slash loves) him and her new boyfriend, a vapid costar (played brilliantly by Andy Karl) is constantly at her side. 

On Twentieth Century is ridiculous and I was regretting my decision to see it on a Friday night but even I (a contemporary musical snob) was won over the end of it. If you just let go and have a good time, it is just that. 


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