A Little Pinter on a Friday Night

I was asked to administer a survey for The League on Friday night and I was eager to see Clive Owen onstage so off I went. I knew nothing about Old Times, but as soon as I realized it was by Harold Pinter, I knew it’d be pretty incoherent. I have somewhat of an understanding of The Homecoming but I’m quite sure that’s because I studied it in at least a couple of classes in high school/college. I heard it was about a couple and an old friend that they haven’t seen in a long time coming to visit. I knew things would get messy.

Kate (Kelly Reilly) and Deeley (Clive Owen) are a couple living outside London and when Kate’s dear old friend, Anna (Eve Best), comes to visit, she turns the clock back for Deeley. 

Clive Owen, whom I love so much from the movie Closer, was great onstage. Kelly Reilly did her best, but I think her character was more annoying than anything else so that’s maybe why I couldn’t stand her. Eve Best, it must be said, did an excellent job with the material she was given.

Pinter is so incomprehensible, or maybe it’s just me. It was an interesting 65 minutes (no intermission!) for sure. 

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