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Something happened last Sunday. I went from a person who’s almost-30-years-old who’d never seen the original Star Wars movies to one who had seen the first one, and a week later, all of them. Big movie franchises are not my thing (save for Scream and The Hunger Games) and if I missed something during the time that it was first popular, I don’t want to jump on the band wagon years later. Hence why I haven’t seen the Godfather, Robocop, Terminator, The Breakfast Club, etc. 

I’d been dragged to see two of the prequels a decade and a half ago but I barely remember them (i remember that Natalie Portman dies). My boyfriend bought the first movie on Amazon Prime and then borrowed the other two from his best friend. He pointed out all of the stuff that George Lucas added to the movies. Personally, I liked the dinosaur-looking animals that he added in. I realized that Skywalker was played by Mark Hamill who I saw on Broadway in 2003 (and met him after, he was adorable!) and got to see Carrie Fischer in the role that made her famous (I’d previously only seen her in Wishful Drinking on Broadway). 

The third movie (if we’re not counting the prequels) was missing one thing: Jeff Goldblum. Seriously, it was the same plot as Independence Day + Slave Leia. If it wasn’t realized decades before Independence Day, I’d have been angry. The Storm Troopers looked exactly like Peace Keepers. And the Ewoks were basically teddy bears, and adorable teddy bears they were. 

My boyfriend’s sister is in town for the holiday and she bought tickets for the three of us to see this latest movie in IMAX on Wednesday. (I really want to put my hair in Leia buns, but unfortunately [or fortunately?] it’s not long enough.) I’m also stupidly excited that Adam Driver is in it. 

Star Wars is fun and I’m okay being late to the party. I also love this a cappella version of the theme song

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