Random Christmas Present Success

I didn’t ask for much for the holidays this year. I don’t really need much. So, my mother said to me that she had to “improvise” a lot. Well, OK. My dad also came up with something neat – plastic Playbill covers! Playbill.com sells Playbill binders but they only hold 15 or so and they’re a complete rip off. Oh and I’d need about 75 of them to hold all of my Playbills. 

So, I went through one of my four shelves of Playbills last night and put the first 100 in plastic holders. Lots of good memories to be relived. Apparently I met Carrie Fischer (top right corner) in addition to having met Mark Hamill years ago!

Going forward, I might put all of my Playbills in alphabetical order. It is going to be a pain in the ass but it might make it easier to find things in the future. Perhaps. How do you guys store your Playbills? 

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